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Placing Dreams is one of the Best Acting school In Mumbai

First time in India On Shoot training programme - introduced by Placing Dreams. Lectures, Courses, training, etc are running in every institute randomly, but it's not enough to reach a good position. The actual need is practical knowledge of the set. Way of communication with the crew, behavior with the cast, and how to deal with production. We consider the passion of students as our assets and help them acquire them. Placing Dreams give individual attention to each student and help them fly with their own exclusive colors. Our belief is that the expert of anything was once a beginner. We provide an apt platform for a beginner to learn the basics of acting and skills behind the camera. Courses here are designed with minute detailing of tools and process of filmmaking.

International Appraisals

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Working in the film industry is considered to be one of the most tempting and glamorous careers of the 21st century, but is the way to the zenith really going to be a cakewalk? Definitely not. With the success rate less than most of the other career paths, it is really a difficult task to get into this profession. Placing dreams- Best Acting School in Mumbai is the highest-rated film institute in India after NSD and FTII. Well, it’s not just the ratings, all the care and hard work put in by the institute to nurture each and every dream is greater than every other aspect.


We have designed flexible courses from 6 months to 2 years.


Film Making

Video Editing

Script Writing

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Placing Dreams - Best Acting School In Mumbai.

At Placing Dreams we believe that ``Every Dream Matters``.

Student's Speak

"Placing Dream - this has been a terrific class! I have learned so much from you. You've put your heart and soul into teaching this class and I appreciate all you've shared with us. It's just what I was looking for. You're critiques have been honest and fair, and have given us all something to strive for on our next project. I do hope that Placing Dream would keep coming with more such classes in the future”

Anand Kumar Shandilya Ex-Student

Student's Speak

"What a great place! Kudos to everyone. I just can't get over all the great films shown and talent in just this class. I just wanted to say thanks to all my mentors and everyone at Placing Dream – they are so incredible. You don’t just interact with your mentors but the interaction alone with the other students in the class makes this a wonderful school. I just wanted to say thanks to all for everyone’s critiques and if this is how it is right now, I can’t imagine how great it’s going to be in the coming future. All my wishes regards to you."

Vinay Vilas Chalke Student

Student's Speak

"The feedback to any good work is the most enriching reward. Hi PlacingDream, thanks a ton for your wonderful classes. I truly learned to see differently and I'm taking away a wealth of information. Your mentor’s detailed critiques are beyond what I could have ever expected and truly appreciate the time you put into giving us all those information and instructions. I'm so sorry for this course to end, but I'm walking away with so much excitement and a guaranteed placement. I am stepping outside the box and working towards creating a wonderful career because of this class. You MUST come up with another class to teach, I hate that this one is ending!" Thank You!.

Nayaka Subhashbhai Sumanbhai (Student of Beginners Filmmaking course)

Student's Speak

"Out of so many classes on different aspect of filmmaking I have taken and I just wanna say this group has been so wonderful-and all I can say is WOW. I've learned more in this class than I could have possibly imagined. Your teamwork is great-all questions answered and all aspects critiqued both honestly and gently in a very timely manner." And the cherry to the cake, a guaranteed placement!!!!

Rahul Jha (Student of Beginners Filmmaking course)

Student's Speak

"I just completed Placing Dream's Beginners and Foundation Filmamking courses. I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the experience. Lessons at this place were very well organized, easy to read, informative and adorned with beautiful visual examples to illustrate the instructions. The best part about Placing Dream is the mentor’s critiques and advices which were very positive, professional and helpful and a guaranteed placement. I'll take the lessons I've learned here with me for a lifetime and Thank you for a job well done!!!

Lakhan Lal Chauhan (student of Beginners Filmmaking courses)

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